Static Shore

Static Shore creates a combination of beats with depth, sunshine, rain, the ocean with all things synth and acoustic related. Shannon Alexander (Vocals, Synths), Eric Smith (Synths, Beats), blend together ideas, dreams, thoughts and positive vibes through their music. The collaborative efforts of working together, have provided the listener with a lush synthesis of vocals, layers and beats.

Originally from Colorado, the duo relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2012, while discovering and taking in the new landscapes. The music is an open door illusion inspired by the area’s rich ocean coastline, deep forest pines, gentle many rains, vibrant technology, rugged Cascades, savory coffee and an expansive, welcoming international community.

Although working for a decade on previous projects together, Static Shore released it’s debut EP “Life and Love in the Hologram” in 2016 featuring the tracks “Replay”, “Low Valley Low” and “Covered Up”. Followed in 2017, “Tides” EP provides tracks “Friend” and “Anchor Sail”. This single is a prelude from July 2018’s EP “Embody” which features “Satellite Beams”, “In The Dust” and “Sun In My Wake”, a gentle rhythmic story describing how one’s Summer soul can change in the days ahead.

Most currently, the duo is in the midst of enjoying it’s first LP release, “Panikon”.